Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey Liberals, remember Black People?

Here, let me help you refresh your memory.

Now that I've done so, here's a few fun facts about African Americans (aka black people):

1) We come in all shapes and colors

2) We are the most loyal Democratic voting block in the party.

3) President Obama happens to be an African American. In fact, he is the first African-American president.

4) A whopping 90% African-Americans approve of the job President Obama doing.

and finally....

The plurality of African-Americans are getting fed up at watching a bunch whiny white liberals trash and disrespect this president in every imaginable way simply because he has become the liberal you fantasized him to be.

For those of you who think you can primary the first African-American president and African-Americans will just be a-ok with it, ask yourself this question:

When was the last time a Democratic/Liberal presidential candidate wow without getting the lion's share of African American support?

Can't remember that far back? Didn't think you could. In fact, no democratic president in the last 40 years has ever won without it.

A Primary Challenge of Obama from the left will be the Biggest Display of Liberal Racism Ever

If disgruntled liberals who talk about primarying Obama are really serious, they better be prepared for what a serious challenger to the president will have to do.

Said challenger will have to be white (notice all the names thrown around are white men and woman).

President Obama has an 90% approval rating among African Americans. That number has never dropped below 85% at any time during his presidency. Barring some cataclysmic event, any serious primary challenger of Obama from the left will have to realize that African Americans aren't going anywhere.

So that serious challenger of Obama from the left will have no choice but to try to win over as many white liberals as possible, even if that mean marginalizing or even suppressing black voters. In other words, they will have to engage in the “Southern Strategy: Liberal Edition”. Such a run will make the racism that occur in the 2008 Democratic primary look like Sesame Street. Only this time, the racism will be condoned by Liberals.

And let's all this occurs and the primary challenger ends up winning, the supporters of that challenger will want to go “Okay, now let's put this behind us, let bygones be bygones, and come together to win the general”. It will be at this point where you will find out what the loudest “Fuck You” ever heard sounds like. It will also be at this point where Liberal will be reminded that they can't win a fucking pie-eating contest without African American support.

So when the Republican Candidate wins, in very much the way gays blamed black people for Prop 8 passing in California, white liberals will blame blacks for costing them the electing. It will be at this point they will find out what the second-loudest “Fuck You” sounds like.

So it's time to ask these disgruntled liberals if this is the road they want to take.

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