Monday, December 6, 2010

Fighting Against Hypocrisy from Both Side: A Reintroduction

I live in Houston, Texas

I am a college instructor, and I am a founder of a start-up entertainment software company.

While I don't adhere to any political ideology, as I think all ideology is garbage, I am a progressive.

and most importantly....

I am a proud, PROUD Barack Hussein Obama supporter. I was a proud supporter when he introduced himself to the national stage in 2004, and barring some cataclysmic event, will continue to support him after he leaves office (which I'm hoping is January 2017)

For those who may be coming here for the first time, you'll notice a huge gap from when I posted here last (a year and a half to be precise). My busy schedule didn't really allow me the time to maintain this blog, so I chose to simply post my thoughts on the more established "progressive" blogs. (I'll explain why I have "progressive" in quotes shortly).

However, a series of events have led me to reopen and make a serious effort to create and maintain my blog:

Literally since November 5, 2008, the Republicans and the RWWB (Right Wing Wind Bags) have been working overtime and have been spending millions of dollars to see to it the Obama presidency goes down in flames with no accomplishments to show for it. But, of course, that was to be expected.

What was not expected was for significant portions of the left to be working just as hard, and in some cases harder, to accomplish the same goal as the other side. For months, I have noticed what seemed to be a calculated effort by some on the far right to push the narrative that Obama has not done anything progressive since being in office, which for anyone who actually do research know is pure, Grade-A bullshit. And after the 2010 midterm election, the push has gotten significantly harder to the point that now Obama is "weak", "dangerous", "stupid", and all coming from his so-called base.

I have numerous ideas on why they would do this, but the "why" is not really important at this time. What is important is that these people represent, at most, 15% of liberal/progressives in this country. Yet they're the ones who get the attention in the media, thus giving the illusion that they represent all of us.

Therefore, I think it's time for 85 percenters to make their voices heard. It has started with one blogger that goes by the name blackwaterdog. She used to post photodiaries of Obama at Dkos along with positive news stories. These news stories, you would think, would be posted all over the left blogosphere. Instead, it is seen as "propaganda" that must be eliminated. Yes, the left have told the lie so much they're actually starting to believe it themselves. So she left Dkos and create her own blog. And now a prominent and establish blogger/writer for an online publication has felt the need to attack BWD for the crime of showing Obama in a positive light. This has suddenly become a heresy to the disgruntled left.

It is officially a civil war for the hearts and minds of the progressive movement. The extreme left vying to take over the democratic party in the same way as the extreme right has taken over the republican party. if successful would be a total disaster for the progressive movement as "Principles" over progress would be the law of the land.

I'm reopening this blog because the fight has started, and I have decided to join.

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Kewalo said...

Count me in. I think that the left is being sabotaged and I'm ready to stand up and fight.