Friday, August 15, 2008

PUMA: Pathetic Untalented McCain Alcolytes

By now, most of you have probably heard of the imfamous PUMA PAC. Supposively, there are disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters who still have their panties in a bunch because Barack Obama didn't adhere to the memo that "it was Hillary's time" and he was suppose to let her win.

So now these people are going for the Guinness world record for having the longest running hissy fit by doing what they can to make sure that Obama loses so that Hillary can run in 2012.

Now you ask yourself, "Self, why would so-called democrats want to ensure that a man basically runnung for a George W. Bush third term wins?". It's the poster story of the phrase"Cutting off your own nose to spite your face". Supposively, in their minds, Obama is an arrogant, elitist (psssst....uppity) empty suit who doesn't stand for anything, won't do anything, and doesn't love America like Senator John "I have eight homes" McCain. Also the DNC had plans to undermind Hillary's campaign or some crap like that.

Turns out, however, that PUMA is nothing more than a Republican front group that not a big nor as influential as they claim. Darragh Murphy, the founder of PUMA PAC, donated $500 to McCain's primary campaign in 2000.

Confronted with this, Murphy claims,

- "I briefly enrolled as an Independent in Massachusetts in 2000 to support McCain against what I considered to be an inept and corrupt GW Bush in the Republican primary, like hundreds of thousands of my fellow Democrats in MA and NH. This is old news and not very interesting. I've never been a Republican -- never will be. I voted for Bill Clinton twice, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton." -

One issue. Although she claims to have voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, why did she not donate money to either candidate?

(The face of a fraud?)