Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gays and Lesbians up in arms with Obama about Warren must now boycott Rachel Maddow

Just what the title says. Rachel has frequently acquainted herself (even invited to her show) a guy who once said that

"Homosexuality is “the love that will not shut up.”,

"civil unions are absurd",

"Gay pride equals moral decline and cultural decadence",

"AIDS is in effect what happens to people as a consequence of unnatural and immoral sex."

All of these quotes, and more, were said by MSNBC political consultant Pat Buchanan and can be found here.

Rachel Maddow has given this homophobic bigot an invitation to her show on several occasions. Rachel has called Pat Buchanan "smart and funny" and likes to talk to him. How dare she give such a slap to the face of the Gay/Lesbian and progressive community.

It's time to come down on her like people have come down on Obama for Warren. Giving a platform to such a vile homophobe is unacceptable, right? Right?

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